He married quite young, raised a family and got bored with his life and wife. He found himself doing something he thought he would never do and that is to cheat even if it was only in his mind.

How many of us feel complete? 

Aging, joy, joy, happy, happy is aging a fucking riot????

My rambling about different subjects including the asshole Frump aka trump

Have you ever thought about the different faces you where each day? My apologys for not writing erotica for a while now.

The loss of a loved one or a . pet is pure hell.

Forgive your mom and or dad for things they did when you were younger. Not forgiving hurts you more than anyone else and you will feel regretful.

Trump, school shootings, Seria what is next?

My kind of fun is sweet, sexy and sensual and I am sharing myself with you for fun.

School shooting brings kids together

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